VENTURA WILDLIFE is a wildlife organisation that offers a large variety of wildlife based services and experiences from our head office in Enfield. Our teams currently offer four separate divisions that include our Animal Encounters (dedicated to bringing people closer to animals), Cinemagic (animals for film and documentaries), Zoological Services (global animal transport & zoological consultancy) and new for summer 2016 we open our zoo known as Ventura Wildlife’s Zoological Gardens.

Explore our website to discover what exciting wildlife opportunities and services await you…


OPEN NOW, come and visit our Zoological Gardens at Van Hage Garden Centre, Great Amwell. Lots to see and new information to learn, plus animals you won’t see anywhere else in the UK.


Looking for a birthday party or unique event stall then animal encounters is perfect for you. Get hands on with some of our most popular animals and really give your function that something different.



Ventura Wildlife's Cinemagic

Looking for animals to film. Whether it be movies or nature documentaries we have just the animals for you. What more, you can be assured our animals are cared and catered for like the A-List celebs. 

Zoologocial Services Master

We transport animals all across the world. From zoo’s to family pets, get in touch today to find out how we can transport your animal worldwide.


The Ventura Wildlife website is also the home of Ventura Wildlife Conservation Fund which together with its trustees and supporters is dedicated to preserving some of our planets most fragile species through fund raising, education and real life conservation efforts. Click here and see how you can become involved today.


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